Herr Drumpf and I

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On the edge of a civil war we Americans are at each others throat, all based on inadequate education, access to journalism as opposed to infotainment. People identify as “right” or “left”, “progressive” or “conservative”. Everybody is correct, each side has it’s version of facts, no compromise with reality is permitted. Meanwhile, true to the Plan, the fascists entrench themselves into all the offices of government. Every lie becomes a truth for half the nation, each truth becomes fake.
With such a trend to dismiss reality, to distrust expert testimony and to denigrate anyone who disagrees with us, how can one nation remain undivided for long? Hell, look at the origins of the first civil war and compare them to now. Most people use the Germans of 1930 as examples of how a dictator becomes a leader, but it is unlikely that a hard core fascist could make it through the Electoral College. Their obvious plans for minorities would make them unwelcome among businessmen, and they are the ones who decide who runs for office. No, it takes a chameleon of a person, somebody who can say with a straight face whatever the listener wants to hear. Herr Drumpf is an excellent example of how lies become truths, incompetence becomes talent and failures become smart business deals. It might have worked in Germany once but here it takes the pretense of normalcy to get past the infotainers. If someone is too far to one side or another they become subject to ridicule and satire, but if they belong to an old political system, a popular political Party, they are treated seriously no matter what they do or say. For instance, Herr Drumpf says he’d like to date his daughter… this creepy scenario would gross out normal evangelicals but eager to serve their favorite liar they dismiss his words as insignificant, and later they dismiss his actions as simply fake news. He once famously said he could murder someone in plain sight and his supporters would continue to support him all the while expressing themselves as conservative supporters of the Rule of Law. How do they deal with the hypocrisy and contradictions? Since people are not educated in America but rather indoctrinated they have no grasp of logic. Their syllogisms are at best flawed and almost always start with the conclusion desired followed by cherry picked data or rumor to support their stance. This is, to the fascist followers, “proof”.
On the other side of the coin are the so-called “liberals”, who are as aggressive in their hatred of Drumpf supporters as the supporters are in their hatred for all things perceived as “left of center”. The “news” media, the infotainers, love the whole story line, it excites and the sheer stupidity and ignorance of the President and his followers and handlers gives plenty of opportunity for puns, gaffes and one-liners. Since the “news” now relies on polls and popularity rather than journalism, a foolish President is a real opportunity for fun. The concept of the disruption of our society leading to civil war or even just gradual decay and dissolution is left behind in the happy prattling and complaining about each side being treasonous and bold liars with every word they speak. Witness that there is a double digit percent of Americans who believe the story that Obama was a time-traveling secret socialist from Kenya, based on not one single shred of evidence, merely piss poor logic accompanied with implications and innuendos. The fact is a nation cannot long remain in place with no logic, no truth, no journalism, no Rights and nobody in power willing to risk themselves to preserve some semblance of a democratic republic. The concept of “democracy” in any form is anathema to the Party, both sides, and this is perfectly reasonable considering our Founders were adamantly opposed to the idea, preferring to rule over the People with a tiny group of wealthy white men. That is the form of government enshrined in the Constitution and without some modification, some guarantee of democracy, this is the form of government we will always get. Drumpf is just the latest example of the worst of all possible outcomes of an unfree election, especially one which has no power to select the President. Part of the problem is democracy requires work and education, people willing to put down the video games and read the laws being suggested, read the Constitution, study the Law in place…. It requires people in journalism giving us facts instead of puns and rumors and gossip. “People are saying…” is not a valid point. People say lots of things at various times and most of the people simply repeat what they have been told. We need thinkers to have a democracy and that takes a couple generations of well educated people. The current plan is to privatize education to ensure only the wealthy get educated. Healthcare will be further restricted and the followers of the fascists will understand that it is for their own good to remain ignorant. They don’t need to know where another nation is located when they never leave their own neighborhood.

It is easy to control cattle with a little bit of oats. If you give them a whole meadow they’d just waste most of it. If you don’t put up fences how can you harvest them come butcher time?

This is how the United States will become un-united: climate will create millions of refugees who will pour out looking for new homes. Americans on the coasts will have to evacuate the megalopolises and move inland. Most of Florida, for instance, will be uninhabitable. The “news readers” make apoint of implying this can only happen in a hundred years or more, so most people feel they will be long dead by then. If, on the other hand, nature follows natures examples, we will see the changes happen increasingly often, storm surges wiping out entire populations and sink holes swallowing city blocks. At that point the followers of both sides will realize they were lied to and lose all faith in any form of government, missing the point entirely that government is the only system which can help with these problems, it just cannot be a republican form, nor a fascist form. It will have to be democratic and there are almost no “leaders” who support true democracy. Jefferson, famous for raping his female slaves to produce more human stock for sale, always hated the idea of the majority telling people like him how to live. Democracy, he asserted, was the second worst form of government. He as President, we assume, was the best form, especially when you have a few hundred slaves. The form of government has not been altered since the 1700’s and this is why we live as if we were in the early stages of a fascist takeover, they are simply doing what naturally happens when people prefer to be ruled over rather than take responsibility for their own lives.